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Do You Know What Febrile Seizures Are?

Do You Know What Febrile Seizures Are?

As a child’s body grows and matures, small illnesses and discomforts become a common occurrence. Of the many conditions noticed in babies, febrile seizures are something that are not understood by many. Let us try to understand this condition better.

Do You Know What Febrile Seizures Are?

Febrile means “feverish” and febrile seizures are nothing but seizures or convulsions that happen during a fever. This condition occurs in children between the ages of 3 months and 6 years. They are more common in 12 to 18 months old babies, so it can be a difficult experience for parents.

They usually last for a few minutes and are accompanied by a fever that is above 100 F. They are caused due to a viral infection (for example, the flu) and, in some cases, bacterial infection. In rare cases, febrile seizures are known to be hereditary.

It is also worth noting that there is a higher risk of epilepsy in toddlers who have frequent febrile convulsions.

However, it’s good to remember that febrile seizures are not life threatening. It is also important to know that there is nothing you can do to make a convulsion/seizure stop. Most parents lack complete knowledge and may do something that could harm the baby.

Do You Know What Febrile Seizures Are?

The following tips can be helpful if your baby is having a febrile seizure:

* First and foremost, stay calm and do not panic.

* Put your baby on a soft surface, either lying on one side or on the back, with the chest facing upwards. This is to make sure that the breathing remains normal.

* Do not try to restrain the baby or hold them down. It is a little scary to see the baby shake, but it is part of the seizure.

* Do not put anything in the baby’s mouth. Often, parents are afraid that the baby will choke or swallow its tongue. These are just myths.

* No matter what anyone suggests, do not put a child who is having a convulsion in a bath tub or under running water. Patience is the key. The seizure will stop for sure.

* Time the duration of the seizure so you can tell the doctor when you visit next.

* Visit a doctor immediately after the seizure and ask for further instructions. Ensure that all the fever medication and care is given to the baby.

In case you have further questions about febrile seizures, contact a CARE pediatrician today.

Take care!

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