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Why You Should Never Miss Your Breakfast

Why You Should Never Miss Your Breakfast


Brain: “Hey blood, how much glucose is left?”

Blood: “Um…let me check….uh oh….only enough for 15 minutes may be.”

Brain: “Damn, that’s not good. Hey liver, anything in your reserves?”

Liver: “As always, yes. I’ve learnt to save, you see. I can help, but for not more than 45 minutes.”

Brain: “Phew! I hope my owner can consume his breakfast by then. Until then, emergency alert! Save everything and use your resources economically.”

This is exactly what happens inside your body every day when you wake up. After the brain sounds an emergency alert, the hormone named cortisone introduces a mechanism that lets the cells in your body open up to let out proteins. These proteins pass through the liver and generate blood glucose. This process continues until you eat your breakfast.

So the bottom line is that people who skip their breakfast are eating their own cells/muscles. This leads to loss of muscle and loss of brain activity. This further leads to a lower metabolism rate. So when you finally have your lunch, all the food is accepted as an excess and is considered as fat reserves. Your body stores all the food as fat in order to use it in emergency situations. And while all this happens, your brain, that is supposed to be taking intelligent decisions, is just trying manage an emergency situation and damaging your body in the process.

Hence, never ever skip your breakfast! Nurture your body in the morning with a healthy breakfast and it will nurture you back with good health, energy and a steady mind.


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